Here you will find all of the ebooks available from Fabulous Publishing. Folklore Crafts: Matryoshka and Folklore Crafts: Garden Gnomes are on sale now. Click on the red MagCloud button to go to the sales page:


Here are upcoming titles. If you’re interested in participating, fill out our submission form.

August 2012
Monsters: Zombies
The Crafty Hipster: Owls

October 2012
Inspired: Artists
Folklore Crafts: Unicorns + Narwhals

January 2013
The Crafty Hipster: Mustaches and Beards

April 2013
Inspired: Samplers

June 2013
Folklore Crafts: Faeries
Pirates vs. Ninjas

September 2013
The Crafty Hipster: Forest Friends
Inspired: Music

November 2013
Folklore Crafts: Yetis
Put a Face on It (Anthropomorphism)

February 2014
The Crafty Hipster: Octopi and Other Sea Creatures

May 2014
Folklore Crafts: Fairy Tales
Inspired: History

July 2014
Monsters: Vampires
Inspired: Literature

October 2014
Folklore Crafts: Mermaids

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