We’re on Etsy!

10 Aug



For those of you who didn’t like ordering on MagCloud, we can now be found on Etsy! You’ll be able to purchase the PDF copies of the books there from now on as well.

Hope to see you there!

Zombies and Owls!

5 Aug

We are busy at work over here at Fabulous Publishing. Monsters: Zombies! and The Crafty Hipster: Owls. They’re being released on August 24 and will  feature amigurumis, cross stitches and adorable housewares. As soon as we have pictures, you better believe we will show some off!

We’re also currently taking submissions for the next two books, Folklore Crafts: Unicorns and Inspired: Artists. They are scheduled for a November release, right before the holidays!

Rolling On!

13 Jun

Our Virtual Book Tour is going fabulously! It couldn’t be better actually. Have you been following along? The blogs we’ve been on have been fantastic.

While the book tour has been going, Shayne and I have been working diligently on the next two book, Monsters: Zombies! & The Crafty Hipster: Owls.


A Taste of Things to Come

28 May

The fantabulous Chrissy of Muse of the Morning made this awesome chart, so you can follow the blog tour along! How sweet is that??

May 28 Margot Potter
May 29 Joanna at That Thing I Made
May 30 Vikram at Craft Gossip
May 31 Kathleen Dames
June 1 Samantha at Geeky Sweetheart
June 2 Redd at Dame Named Redd Designs
June 3 Renee at My Ugly Kitty
June 4 Val at Val’s Art Studio
June 5 Jessica at Ballston Arts & Crafts Market
June 6 Shayne at Trans-Craft-Inental
June 7 Jean at Pretty Kitty Dog Moon Jewelry
June 8 Leesandra at The Sweet Spot
June 9 Jo at Feeling Stitchy
June 10 Lori at Pretty Things
June 11 Paul at G33kopolis
June 12 Alexis at What The Craft
June 13 Anna at The Weekly Enthusiast
June 14 Chrissy at Muse of the Morning
June 15 Susan at West Coast Crafty
June 16 Tonya at The Trouble With Crafting
June 17 Sherezada at Hand / Eye / Mind / Mouth
June 18 Shayne at Geek Crafts

Virtual Book Tour!

27 May

What’s a book release without a book tour??

When you make eBooks, what better way to do a book tour than with a blog tour?!

Over the next month, starting tomorrow, you’ll be able to find us featured on blogs all over the internet! Stay tuned to our Facebook and Twitter to see where we are that day!

It all starts with Margot Potter tomorrow!

The first two books are on sale NOW!

27 May

Click on the red button to go to the sales page!

Folklore Crafts: Garden Gnomes

Folklore Crafts: Folklore Crafts: Garden Gnomes

13 folksy craft to make and share. A variety of projects including amigurumi, cross-stitch and sewing. Something for everyone in this adorable collection.

Find out more on MagCloud

Folklore Crafts: Matryoshka

Folklore Crafts: Folklore Crafts: Matryoshka

13 Russian nesting doll projects to make and share. A variety of projects including amigurumi, cross-stitch and sewing. Something for everyone in this adorable collection.

Find out more on MagCloud

One Week!

21 May

Only one week left until our first two books come out! They’ll be available for purchase on May 27!

Matryoshka Cover!

23 Apr

As promised, here is the Matryoshka Doll book cover! I just love how they turned out!

Garden Gnomes Book Cover!

22 Apr

The book covers have been made and are simply fabulous! Today, you get to see the Garden Gnomes cover. You’ll have to come back tomorrow to see the Matryoshka one ;)

Folklore Crafts Books Are Coming!!

20 Apr

With only a little over a month before the Folklore Crafts ebooks are released, things are really getting excited.

We have 15 awesome projects in each the Garden Gnomes and Matryoshka Dolls that are going to be fabulous! We have a wide range from amigurumi dolls, to needlecrafts, to costumes. Things for babies, things for home decor, things just to be awesome.

For a sneak peek at a few of the projects you’ll find in the books, check out the Fabulous Publishing Flickr!


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